The Playlist: Karen O / Grimes / Avalanches and David Berman / Kendrick Lamar ft. Young Jeezy / Frightened Rabbit /DaVinci ft. Freddie Gibbs


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Karen O

Strange Love

Taken from the indie superstar-heavy soundtrack to Tim Burton's new film, 'Frankenweenie', the Yeah Yeah Yeah's frontwoman uses calypso as a nod to Harry Belafonte in Beetlejuice.




Grimes continues her exploration of kooky electronic trip-pop on this, her latest single. A trailer for the song's video was released earlier in the week.


Avalanches and David Berman

A Cowboy Overflow of the Heart (Demo)

Available to new members registering on the band's website, this collaboration with the Silver Jews' man is likely to feature on The Avalanches' forthcoming album.


Kendrick Lamar ft. Young Jeezy

Westside, Right on Time

Produced by Canei Finch, this track is an outtake from the recording sessions for Lamar's forthcoming album 'good kid, m.A.AD. city'.


Frightened Rabbit

State Hospital

The title track from Frightened Rabbit's new EP is a haunting indie rock number powered by emotional, overdriven guitars.


DaVinci ft. Freddie Gibbs


Another advance release from DaVinci's new album 'The MOEna Lisa', this time produced by Al Jieh of Drums & Ammo and featuring Freddie Gibbs.