The Playlist: Nicki Minaj ft. Cassie / Hercules and Love Affair / Action Bronson / Deerhoof / Angel Haze / Doomsday

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Nicki Minaj ft. Cassie

The Boys

Forever flitting between street tough and pop star, "The Boys" sees Minaj's sugary sweet hooks interspersed with aggressive, bravado-oozing raps (below).

Hercules and Love Affair

Release Me

This first new track since H&LA's disappointing second album is a true return to form. The disco influence and ear for a pop hook return.

Action Bronson

The Symbol

The Albanian-American rapper continues to explore the bizarre place where serious hip hop meets serious cooking. This track even features a shout out to "lamb roasted with fennel".


Sexy, But Sparkling

An outtake from latest LP 'Breakup Song', this single appears on the latest instalment of Famous Class's Less Artists More Condos 7" series.

Angel Haze

Cleaning Out My Closet

On this self-released track, which utilises the beat from the Eminem song of the same name, Haze opens up about the sexual abuse she suffered as a child.


Bring Down the Knife

GG Allin-esque death punk from Doomsday's self-titled debut EP – a six-songs-in-21-minutes blitzkrieg.