The Playlist: SBTRKT / Freddie Gibbs ft Young Jeezy and T.I / Sleigh Bells / Diplo / Lower / Bob Dylan / Beach House


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Released via Soundcloud, SBTRKT claims he has no plans to use this dark, sparse electronica track despite the promise of new releases.

Freddie Gibbs ft Young Jeezy and T.I

Pull Up

A slick, blockbuster track. Without losing cohesiveness, each rapper's appearance reveals their style, from T.I's rolling synths, to Gibbs's 1990s-style gangsta-rap.

Sleigh Bells

Demons (Diplo Mix)

Diplo's excellent remix of this tough Sleigh Bells single is packed with heavy basslines and industrial synth effects. It sounds unlikely, but it works.



More dark, heavy hardcore from Scandinavia. Endorsed by fellow Danes Iceage, Lower's aggressive sound recalls punk legends Black Flag.

Bob Dylan

It's All Right Ma (I'm Only Bleeding)

Few need an introduction, but for those who doubt the genius of the man who received the US Presidential Medal of Freedom this week, this 1965 song might make you think again.

Beach House

Take Care

The song at the centre of the band's dispute with Volkswagen, 'Take Care' is a hushed, lo-fi, lullaby that sounds, well, a lot like the track in that VW ad.