The Top Ten: Actors who have released albums


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This list was Agnes Frimston's idea. She started with 'Cained', which turned out to be an album of 'chill-out' tracks chosen by Michael Caine rather than performed by him. Agnes supplied many of these nominations, saying: 'I could genuinely do this all day.'

1. Leonard Nimoy

Mr Spock's Music from Outer Space (1967). A timely nomination from Agnes and many others.

2. Richard Harris

A Tramp Shining (1968), including the single "MacArthur Park", written by Jimmy Webb. Nominated by Richard Moodey.

3. William Shatner

The Transformed Man (1968), a spoken-word album by Nimoy's Star Trek partner. Put forward by Brian Hogan, Guy Herbert, Richard Moodey and John Wilson.

4. Scarlett Johansson

Break Up (2009), with Pete Yorn. From General Boles.


5. Robert Mitchum

Calypso – Is Like So ... (1957). "…dreadful", suggests Jem Stone.

6. Bruce Willis

The Return of Bruno (1987), R&B with Booker T Jones et al. Agnes again.

7. Hugh Laurie

Let Them Talk (2011), and Didn't It Rain (2013). Nominated by Neil Oatley.

8. Eddie Murphy

How Could It Be (1985). Agnes: "It's a brilliant question – how could it be Eddie Murphy?"

9. Clint Eastwood

Rawhide's Clint Eastwood Sings Cowboy Favorites (1963). "He could be known as "The Man with No Voice", says Martyn P Jackson.

10. Steve Martin

Love Has Come For You (2013). Bluegrass-based collaboration with Edie Brickell. Neil Oatley again.

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