The Top Ten: Best rhymes in songs


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We did worst rhyming couplets last year, but recently I had a nostalgic Spotify session rediscovering Squeeze, which reminded me of the genius of Chris Difford's lyrics. A lot of nominations this week, but I was looking for more than 'clever lines in a song I like that also rhyme'...

1. 'You told me love was too plebeian/ Told me you were through with me and…'

Arthur Hamilton, "Cry Me a River", sung most memorably by Julie London. From Solly and Ben Ross.

2. 'My pulse will be quickenin'/ With each drop of strychnine/ We feed to a pigeon/ It just takes a smidgen'

Tom Lehrer, "Poisoning Pigeons in the Park", from Francis Wheen.

3. 'I saw two shooting stars last night/ I wished on them but they were only satellites'

Billy Bragg, "A New England". Issy Flamel and Anthony Wells.

4. 'Shetland pony/ Extra pepperoni'

Motorhead, "Eat the Rich", from Martyn Jackson.

5. 'Tempted by the fruit of another/ Tempted, but the truth is discovered'

Squeeze, "Tempted". Unusual whole-phrase rhyme.

6. 'People laughed and called it folly/ But we connected like a Yeboah volley'

Los Campesinos, "Glue Me", from Tim Miller.

7. 'Was it a millionaire who said "Imagine no possessions"?/ A poor little schoolboy who said "We don't need no lessons"?'

Elvis Costello, "The Other Side of Summer", from Richard T Kelly.

8. 'Richard got married to a figure skater/ And he bought her a dishwasher and a coffee percolator'

Joni Mitchell, "The Last Time I Saw Richard", from Donald Macintyre.

9. 'She said she'd seen a doctor/ And nothing now could stop her'

Squeeze, "Up the Junction", from Lesley Smith.

10. 'If I rhyme about home and got descriptive/ I'd make 50 Cent look like Limp Bizkit'

K'naan, Somalian rapper, from Ian Birrell.

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