The Top Ten: Different songs with the same title


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This was started by Tim Mickleburgh, who remembered No 1 and reminded me of No 2, one of my favourite pop curios. There's a website that has collected 5,009 examples, many of which are one-word titles, so the premium here was on longer, more specific entries.

1. 'The Power of Love'

Three different songs with this title, by Frankie Goes to Hollywood, Huey Lewis and Jennifer Rush, were in the charts in the same year, 1985.

2. 'Dagenham Dave'

The Stranglers, 1977; Morrissey, 1995.

3. 'God Is A DJ'

Faithless, 1998; Pink, 2003.

4. 'Stockholm Syndrome'

Muse and Blink-182 both released albums in 2003 with "Stockholm Syndrome" at track five, and "Interlude" at track seven, notes Lewis James Brown.

5. 'For Whom the Bell Tolls'

Metallica, 1985; the Bee Gees, 1993.

6. 'God Save the Queen'

The Sex Pistols, 1977, "and the other one", offers Fiona Laird.

7. 'Absolute Beginners'

The Jam, 1981; David Bowie, 1986. Nominated by Devil's Advocate.

8. 'Come Together'

MC5, February 1969; The Beatles, October 1969; Blur, 1991; Primal Scream, 1991; Spiritualized, 1998. Nominated by Richard.

9. 'Stairway to Heaven'

Neil Sedaka, 1960; Led Zeppelin, 1971; The O'Jays, 1976 (B-side of "Livin' for the Weekend").

10. 'Who's that Girl?'

Eurythmics, 1983; Madonna, 1987. With thanks to John Preston.

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