The top ten: Most over-rated 1960s bands


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Chris Deerin, a fellow journalist, is to blame for this one. He complained on Twitter that there was "Doors music being played all over the radio this morning. Just horrible." When I asked for suggestions of more 1960s bands that were not as good as everyone thinks, John Mullin, my friend and former editor, suggested the Rolling Stones, which of course I ruled out of order.

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1. The Doors "Self-regarding yobbery masquerading as mysticism," according to Andrew Mueller

2. The Jimi Hendrix Experience "Even Hendrix got cheesed off with the band's deficiencies," says Mark Pierce

3. The Beach Boys "Saccharine harmonies, inane lyrics and the same clichés repeated over and over again like a wave hitting the shore." Robyn Strachan

4. Cream Nominated by Patrick Hennessy

5. Fairport Convention "Liege and Leaf got five stars but no one actually played it. Or if they did, they were too stoned to remember." Karen Buck, Labour MP

6. The Monkees The manufactured band that it was alright to like, but not really. Nominated by Ellen E Jones

7. The Byrds "For 'Renaissance Fair' alone." Nuff said, General Boles

8. The Velvet Underground "The songs featuring Nico make me envy the deaf." Citizen Sane

9. The Who "Otherwise known as The Why," says Chris Deerin

10.The Beatles Almost by definition, because they are so highly "rated"