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The Flaming Lips, 'Embryonic'
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"It isn't that far off the beam... The Lips nod to Neil Young, Pink Floyd, and Walt Disney, but also to Joy Division, Santana, and Gary Numan. Defying its own title, 'Embryonic' presents a band discovering that the far edge of an idea is often more compelling than its core." -

"There's a raw directness to 'Embryonic' that's been absent from Lips' records since the mid-90s. For the first time in years, they've made an album that actually sounds like a band playing live together... it captures them at their most sprawling and ambitious." -

"It's tempting to call the album a "classic"... What The Flaming Lips have accomplished is impossible to ignore: an ambitious double album in an age where the single is making a comeback, a collection of music that makes a 25-year-old band sound vital and new." -

"Embryonic may not... win as many converts as Bulletin or Yoshimi, but it's another wonderful album – a veritable trove of speaker-pummelling delights – from the most consistently inventive and thrilling American band, R.E.M. included, of the last 25 years." -