The Word On... Baaba maal, Television

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"Although it boasts a handful of pleasant and even memorable tunes, the overall impression of 'Television' is that Maal is too discreet a presence on his own album. His famously strident vocals are surprisingly subdued and/or mixed down." - Jon Lusk,

"Maal is a Senegalese patriot first and foremost, a world-music superstar by default. 'Television' is an essential purchase for fans of West African artists, but should also be investigated by anyone who loves heartfelt, impeccably performed music." -

"'Television' is a melding of West Africa and electronic dance and it's so good. We're talking cool summer breeze good. Shimmy across the floor and not caring who sees you good... shimmers with Mr Maal's signature Senegalese sound." - TJ Nelson,

"An artist who has rediscovered his spirit... Detractors will have much to point to in its western sounds, but perhaps with the release of 'Television' Baaba Maal does not want to be limited to analogue. This is digital world music of the highest definition." -