The Word On... Bang goes the knighthood by The Divine Comedy

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"Melancholic, genuinely emotive ballads take their place astride the plump little pop tunes that the 39-year-old has always excelled at, but there's a streak of startling lyrical optimism running through these songs, too." -

"It's always good to have a new Divine Comedy album. 'Bang Goes the Knighthood' doesn't quite pack the punch of the old days, but there's still plenty here to enjoy. And if it doesn't attract a whole new audience, die-hard fans will be pleased the quirky genius is having a good time." -

"'Bang Goes the Knighthood' finds Hannon still struggling to accommodate both mutually deleterious instincts. Vexingly, the wrong one gets the upper hand. Too much of this collection represents Hannon at his worst: smug, trivial and infuriatingly self-amused." -