The Word On: Beachcomber Windowsill, Stornoway

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"The Oxford four/six-piece's much-tipped, mostly home-recorded debut is steeped in dreamy whimsy and joyful beauty. It's the sound of a summer spent frolicking around the sun-dappled hedgerows of an idyllic English countryside where time is slow and animals can probably speak." -

"What sets Stornoway apart from most other folk bands is the incredible vocal dexterity and command of Brian Briggs. If the hymnal refrain of "Zorbing" doesn't appeal, then the heartfelt delivery that graces "Coldharbour Road"'s tale of regret, ageing and occasional hope should do the trick." -

"'Beachcomber's Windowsill' is far from perfect, but its flaws serve to underline that this is the sound of a band in its infancy, and ultimately make it all the more loveable in doing so." -