The Word On... Blues Funeral, Mark Lanegan Band


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"The singer has done something few probably expected of him at this point: made a blatant and lackluster attempt to keep up with the times... Lanegan's voice may be timeless, but its versatility has its limits – and 'Blues Funeral' tests those limits just a little too much."

"Some might find Lanegan's all-encompassing dour nature too much over the course of an entire album but ultimately it's impossible not to get swept away by the emergency room blues of "Leviathan", or the electro-swamp-psychedelia thrum of "Tiny Grain of Truth"."

"'Blues Funeral''s open-door policy sees Lanegan stirring together electronica, processed beats, spaghetti Westerns, southern '60s soul, folk and all-out sonic onslaughts to blend his most satisfying and heady brew to date."