The Word On... Born To Die, Lana Del Ray


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"Vapid, innocuous pop with politically touchy sexual politics, almost indistinguishable from and less interesting than scores of terrible-albeit-infectious female pop music. I wish I could say I'm relieved or proud that the hype machine churned out another just-another, but I'm not."

"I like the album better with each listen... The result is vibrant, frequently goofy, and, at times, unpleasantly schizophrenic: a let's-see-what-sticks barrage of voices that Del Rey hasn't fully refined into 'her voice'."

"'Born to Die' isn't perfect... But it's the most distinctive and assured debut since Glasvegas's eponymous disc in 2008, and makes you desperate to see where she goes from here. Del Rey's defenders can take a break: 'Born to Die' does their job better than they could hope to."