The Word On... Britney Spears, the new album

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"'Circus' echoes its title through the album with unnerving beats and creepy riffs. Britney can hardly smile sweetly after such a public breakdown, so it's an album of dark electronic drums, demure only on "Out From Under" and in the bizarre cover artwork." - Talia Kranes,

"If 'Blackout' was a producers' album, 'Circus' is intent on sweeping away recent unpleasantness and acting like nothing happened, and this is still a world where Britney can sing a drippy ballad about "My Baby". But all the money is poured into the club tracks, such as the single "Womanizer" and "Kill the Lights". - Thomas Erlewine,

"'Circus' seems to be trying to balance her early, poppier sound with the grind of later songs like "Toxic". Sometimes it works, but too often it's derivative of Euro-techno acts like Kylie Minogue." - Patrick Varine,

"A great album, a total return to form, taking her sound forward while reincorporating the good bits of old Britney. Don't make judgements about the person, listen to the music. This album will be one of her best." -