The Word On... Elbow, Build A Rocket Boys!

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"Not the masterpiece some hoped for, others expected, 'Build a Rocket Boys!' shows a band in full flow, refusing to fall for a flutter and much like Mr Sinatra, doing things their way. The results are, for the most part, worth the wait."

"That's not to say 'Build A Rocket Boys!' is flawless, but then that's part of its charm. If anything, 'satisfyingly weathered' may fit the bill best – its imperfections only serve to hold the interest further."

"The superbly-titled "Jesus Is a Rochdale Girl" is the standout track here, a gorgeously understated ballad with some shuffling instrumentation and Garvey mournfully singing that he's got 'nothing to be proud of, and nothing to regret'. It's a beautiful song."