The Word On - Ian Brown, My Way

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"There's an easy mastery of things previously introduced. The string beds, the mariachi horns, the deep mystical groove, they're all elements which have appeared in isolation on separate outings, but here are brought together in spectacular fashion." -

"'My Way' is Brown's finest since 1998's solo bow, 'Unfinished Monkey Business' ... this is Brown at his uplifting, groovesome best. And when he sings there are 'miles and miles still left to come' on 'Marathon Man', it's actually quite reassuring." - Chris Parkin,

"Surprisingly engaging... highlights Brown as an underrated songwriter and arranger... While his enthusiasm for creativity is as infectious as ever, Spike Island [Stone Roses gig] and its ilk are unlikely to be revisited in the forseeable future." - Dom Gourlay,

"Once again his music is evolving. Much of the album distances itself from Brown's previously darker guitar work and relies mainly on processed beats and chirping keyboards. Surprisingly, much of the production leans toward hip-hop." -