The Word On: Let's Go Eat The Factory, Guided by Voices

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"They may never hit upon a run as good as they did 15 years back – few bands have – but "Factory" is a better, weirder shot at it than anybody could've possibly expected."

"It takes only a few seconds of hearing "Let's Go Eat The Factory" to recognise the exact right combination of guys who recorded the band's most beloved records... Robert Pollard's first album with the so-called "classic" line-up of GBV in 16 years captures a similar mix of in-the-moment inspiration, boozy camaraderie, and unhinged loopiness."

"A record that truly recaptures that lo-fi sound the band rocked and revelled in for so much of their discography... There are cash-in reunions, and there are unwelcome reunions. This is a reunion done right."