The Word On... Liars, Sisterworld

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"Liars' usual creeping unease turns seductive —the increasingly rational voice of the inner psychopath... also ranks among Liars' poppiest. It compacts the band's ambient sprawl and mantra-like rhythms into recognisable song structures, even rocking out." -

"Perhaps their masterpiece... They are unlikely to be part of a Facebook campaign to get to No 1 anytime soon but, as a thrilling, dense and slightly barmy proposition, 'Sisterworld' is the ideal entrance that any floating voters had been looking for." -

"There's hardly any slack from front to back and its highlights are numerous... 'Sisterworld' is clearly a statement by a band at the height of its formidable powers, and what may be even more exciting than the record itself is that Liars show no signs of letting up." -

"Includes mixtape-friendly stunners and make-it-stop agony... For that, it will get partisans who vouch for it as the best thing they've done, while others will declare it unfit to suckle the teat of Blixa Bargeld. It's worth arguing about." -