The Word On... Lily Allen, the new album

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"It's probably not as good as 'Alright, Still' but it's still a damn fine album, and nothing resembling the train wreck you'd have expected if you were following her very public meltdown over the past two years. Match that, Winehouse." - Al Byrne,

"From the first punch of synths in 'Everyone's at It' to the last optigan loop of 'He Wasn't There,' it's pretty clear the young pop star has hit another musical home run. While not every song is a five-star winner, the vast majority are." - Alan Wiley,

"Sticking with 'It's Not Me, It's You' and penetrating its jarringly slick-meets-GarageBand-amateur exterior is wholly advisable. Not perfect, but it cements Allen's status as an adept chronicler of daily existence." - James Skinner,

"Ultimately, 'It's Not Me, It's You' is a far from perfect record, although it has perfect moments. The result is a pop record that is at turns enchanting, inspiring, frustrating and confusing. What it is never, though, is dull." - Phil Udell,