The Word On: My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy, Kanye West

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"For all of its virtues — a GOAT guest list, near-perfect sequencing, and musical and thematic cohesion, to name a few — what ultimately makes 'Fantasy' so remarkable is West's uncanny self-awareness." -

"He's the kind of libertine who needs to live on the knife's edge just to feel alive, and 'Fantasy' is gloriously alive... Kanye's best album since 'The College Dropout', 'My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy' finds its creator in complete control of the chaos swirling inside his vivid imagination." -

"On 'Twisted Fantasy', Kanye is crazy enough to truly believe he's the greatest out there. And, about a decade into his career, the hardworking perfectionist has gained the talent on the mic and in the control room to make a startlingly strong case for just that." -