The Word On... Os Mutantes, Haih...Or Amortecedor

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"Just as weird as their older albums; it's just weird in a much more polished way. Though it's good to hear a new Os Mutantes record that carries forward the ideals and exploratory spirit that made us all love the band in the first place." - Joe Tangari,

"Less a new departure than the band's radical old departure, dusted off and given a healthy shine; the group even recruited lyrics from Brazilian-pop fellow traveler Tom Zé. The best stuff on 'Haih' could fit, with a few adjustments, onto the band's 1968 debut." -

"You should buy this... you'll be trying to singalong when they invariably tour it. Quite possibly the best new comeback album from a Sixties band you'll ever hear. Really, we shouldn't have expected anything else. Os Mutantes, it's good to have you back." -

"At times the songs are constricted by somewhat sterile production, but in general Os Mutantes remain primary exponents of one of the wiggiest brands of international art-rock ever made." - Greg Kot,