The Word On... Prodigy, the new album

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"Fans of Australian drum & bass crew, Pendulum, will recognise familiar beats and motifs, but that's because they stole them from the Prodge. To hear where clubbing is heading, check out Diplo and Kid Cudi." - Lou Thomas, music

"After a decade-plus of diminishing returns – 2004's flailing 'Always Outnumbered, Never Outgunned' ditched Flint and MC Maxim in an ill-fated gambit – 'Invaders Must Die' is a workmanlike, blast of Liam Howlett's breakbeat spazz." - Chares Aaron,

"The album contains flashbacks to every phase of the band, from the rave stabs and helium skat of 'Take Me To The Hospital' to the rock-heavy riffs of 'Colours' and Keith Flint's sneering on headbanger 'Run With The Wolves'." - Ian Roullier, www.

"A majority of IMD is destined to end up splattered across car adverts and in film soundtracks where the scene is of a pulsing, throbbing, energetic nature. Sadly, that won't lend it any more substance." - Ash Akhtar, http://drowned