The Word On... Red Hot Chili Peppers, I'm With You

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"Much like Bono — who donned his old black leather suit from the early '90s on U2's latest tour — Kiedis and Flea have a vested financial interest in playing roles they've long outgrown. But as the forgettable 'I'm With You' shows, there's adifference between surviving and thriving."

"The single 'The Adventures of Rain Dance Maggie' exemplifies the Chilis' main problem here: a promising set of verses marred by a plodding, nothing chorus... 'I'm With You' is a solid, decent enough tenth album, but it's far from vital."

"What hurts 'I'm With You' is what has plagued the last few Chili Peppers releases: Kiedis' vocal tones... Lyrically, he may be sharper, but melodically he comes off as increasingly predictable."