The Word on: Scouting For Girls, Everybody Wants To Be On TV

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"Certainly, Scouting for Girls have paid their dues, escaping the pub scene and building a name for themselves. They've given those masses what they want. But there's nothing for the discerning music fan. It's MOR pop for teenagers and still-hip young professionals." -

"Think of Keane, and remove the grit. Or think of Daniel Powter, tripling the irritation factor. These boys have nothing to say and say it in a manner that's somehow both bland and offensive. Only once do they shift tempo, for a sub-Barlow ballad, 'Take a Chance'." -

"Their pop-rock serenades don't even paint women in a particularly pretty light: they're invariably heartless ex-girlfriends, hussies or two-dimensional posh girls. Interestingly, they're open to all kinds of modern effects yet the music sounds opportunistic." -

"Scouting for Girls are a band so radio-friendly that they make The Feeling sound like Norwegian death-metallers freshly ejected from the fiery bowels of Hell. They remain dull, overproduced and completely devoid of personality or originality." -