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The Word On... Small Craft on a Milk Sea, Brian Eno

"In part, these recordings are a return to the frosty ambient surface noise that has periodically enthralled Eno since his 1973 collaboration with Robert Fripp on ('No Pussyfooting'). But there's a broader range of material here, with the album turning from the great plumes of irascible noise... to the dewy plinks of piano." drownedinsound.com

"'Small Craft on a Milk Sea' works best at its least sleepy. When Eno decides to up the tempo and add some structural development, the results can be otherworldly." consequenceofsound.net

"Brian Eno's latest album is a collaboration with Leo Abrahams and Jon Hopkins... Unfortunately this has the sound of three men who are masters of slight ingredients, getting together for a bit of a back-slap session." musicomh.com