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The Word On... Stephen Malkmus and the Jicks, Mirror Traffic

"Unlike the grown-up experiences it seems to be chronicling, 'Mirror Traffic' is no letdown, just a quieter, more refined addition to the Malkmus catalogue. It's a subtle album about an unexpected range life, full of slow talk and afterglows, the work of a confident and comforting craftsman. If this is what it means to grow old with Stephen Malkmus, faults and all, then bring it on." tinymixtapes.com

"To call it a career highlight would be a little excitable, but 'Mirror Traffic' feels like one of those records that'll tempt fair-weather fans back to the Malkmus name. Which is probably a happy thing for all concerned." bbc.co.uk/music

"The end result is another Jicks record with only a few standout tracks floating in a soup of nice-but-unmemorable guitar solos and not-so-cunning non-sequiturs." avclub.com