The Word On... Surfing The Void, Klaxons

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"Ultimately, Klaxons should be applauded for making such an unconventional sophomore album. It's a darker, harsher beast than 'Myths of the Near Future', successfully taking the experimentation that they wished to play with and creating a new sound for themselves ."

"An interesting, and mostly rewarding collection of songs. What's more, Klaxons have fully shaken free of the stifling 'nu rave' tag, instead sounding like an unholy alliance between Captain Beefheart and Slayer for the most part (see the deceptively arranged title track)."

"It may stick in the craw of anyone who previously dismissed Klaxons as callow stooges in a record company marketing plan, but against the odds it might be time to sit up and pay them some respect."