The Word On: The Drums, The Drums

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While known for blurring the lines between music, performance, video and sculpture, on her new album, Homeland, Laurie Anderson homes in on the music and lyrics.

"Like the Strokes, another fast-rising band of pretty-boy New Yorkers, the Drums have successfully answered the challenge of parlaying buzz-generating singles into an album that's well stocked with instantly appealing pop songs. Unlike the Strokes, however, the Drums lack a certain element of surprise." -

"The problem here is that the same formula is used for every track; the innocence of the lyrics and the familiar guitar riffs start to lose their charm over the course of the album." -

"It would also be easy to say that the Drums are little more than this year's fad... However, 'The Drums' is packed full of tunes that even the most snobbish detractor couldn't fail to bury their miserable preconceptions for half an hour or so and enjoy to the maximum. So, what are you waiting for?" -