The Word On: The Horrors, Skying

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"The important thing to note is that The Horrors can take inspiration from any band or genre and use it to generate something which still clearly has The Horrors stamp all over it... Even if there is nothing entirely original about The Horrors, 'Skying' has cemented their position as one of the most inventive and imaginative guitar bands around right now."

"'Skying' has a new swagger and panache, but it also possesses that lightness of touch which was first audible in 'Primary Colours'... "

"Spirits from other genres, other bands, and other movements float throughout 'Skying', but they're manipulated into something new: for all the talk of pilfering and pastiche, it's their own path that they're treading, and it's one that, despite the mockers and scoffers, they should continue to walk."