The Word On: The Road soundtrack, Nick Cave & Warren Ellis

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"Not what you expect. McCarthy's book is heavy on gloom and punishing to the last. Cave and Ellis's score, though, seems fixated on those thin shafts of sunlight... it could have been bleak, monochromatic even – but in the hands of Cave and Ellis, hope springs eternal." -

"For Nick Cave diehards, 'The Road' is a must, a refinement of his more introspective tendencies and an evolution of his collaboration with Warren Ellis. Indeed, some of 'The Road's self-consciously epic moments suggest a stripped-down Dirty Three." -

"'The Road' is a purely instrumental piece of work and as such Cave's influence is not immediately discernible. But many of these pieces resemble Ellis's work with his band Dirty Three, whose blues-inflected dirges centre around his seething violin work." -

"Deceptively simple and stripped-down instrumental compositions for violin and piano conjure up vistas in the space between the instruments that are equally as stunning and moving as the celluloid scenes they are written to enhance." -