The Word On... The Shins, Port of Morrow


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"Demands repeat listens and carefree afternoons spent poring over lyric sheets. These are songs to fall in love to, to grow along with, and to share with friends in need of a life-change."

"It's the perfect distillation of the Shins' back catalogue – the jangly, wistful airs of 'Oh, Inverted World', the genre-resistant playfulness of 'Chutes Too Narrow', the expansively detailed production of 'Wincing the Night Away'. But in other ways, its colourful, detail-oriented approach sets it apart from anything Mercer's done before."

"Has some amazing songs, particularly the single 'Simple Song', which is one of the best things James Mercer has ever written. But it also has some of the worst songs The Shins have ever produced."