The Word On... The Whole Love, Wilco

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"An album of reliable, occasionally exceptional, but mostly just solid pleasures from a very good band that doesn't seem interested in doing the heavy lifting it takes to be great. Wilco's early records seemed like the product of painful deliberation and unmitigated tension, a real life-or-death proposition; 'The Whole Love' breezes by like a sunny Saturday afternoon among best friends."

"Proves the band is still moving forward, still changing, even if it's not in the lofty ways we expect it to. This isn't a return to form, nor is it an out-and-out reinvention. It's just the new Wilco album, and like all new Wilco albums, it doesn't sound much like what came before it."

"The majority of the album is smooth, honeyed chamber pop – intelligently arranged and mostly extremely pleasing on the ear."