The Word On... Tinchy Stryder, Catch 22

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"Generally Stryder's straight solo tunes simply don't compare to the samples or collaborations that make up exactly half of his album. It's not that they're a complete flop, it's just that they're noticeably not his stronger moments." - Laura Nineham, dro

"Some of the grit and hunger has been compromised in favour of a more radio-friendly sound... an enjoyable listen, which radiates positivity and fun. While hardly an innovative concept, Tinchy's light-hearted lyrics can't help but make you smile." - 3threatmedia.

"I must admit that it's better than I thought it would be... it feels like Tinchy abandoned his "Prince of Grime" title for this one, because this album has no grime feeling; it's more of a pop, R&B and club mash-up. However it did work well." - keepitpervish.

"'Catch 22' is held together by an irrepressible sense of excitement, honesty and fun... some may bemoan his move into the mainstream, but 'Catch 22' is ample evidence that Tinchy Stryder was never destined to remain on the periphery." -