The Word On... Wake Up The Nation, Paul Weller

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Cut in half to a more succinct eight songs, "Wake Up The Nation" could possibly have found itself heralded as Weller's most impressive body of work in decades. Unfortunately, the ambitious segments find themselves weighed down by the pedestrian. -

A collection of ludicrously fresh-sounding, short and sharp material confirms he's in the midst of a seriously impressive rebirth. Weller's delivery lends a remarkably youthful and frankly often drunk-sounding edge. -

At 50, Weller is as angry and as vital as he was when he storming the "Top of the Pops" studios. It's a punkish, psychedelic beast, but the fizzy, belligerent acid-trip of a Ziggy-era Bowie rather than the poncy, spaced-out whack of folks like ELO. Even when he's stoned the dude's got attitude. -