The Word On: Watch the Throne, Jay-Z & Kanye West

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"The whole thing sounds huge... On 'Watch the Throne', they push each other and have fun doing it, and the result is a stadium-sized event-rap spectacle that still sounds like two insanely talented guys' idiosyncratic vision. That's worth celebrating."

"The dynamic duo do not disappoint. This album is a creative victory at worse and at its very best, a paradigm shift for hip-hop."

"Exhilarating messiness and go-for-broke spontaneity infect Jay-Z and push him outside his comfort zone and into a realm of intense emotional reflection... 'Watch The Throne' was crafted in the heat and intensity of a very specific cultural moment, but Kanye and especially Jay-Z have the long view in mind. The album has the flash to dazzle and the substance to last."