The Word On...Kings of Leon's new album

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"The move from 'southern Strokes' to 'southern U2' is way better in theory than in practice – these are the same clunky Kings of Leon songs, just now presented in an incredibly weird context." - Ian Cohen,

"This is an album which feels like it was made quickly, not because of artists reaching a terminal velocity of creativity, but to take maximum advantage of an audience who may not be there this time next year. Which is such a shame." - Tim Lee,

"Maybe we're not feeling this record, but there are pretty accents, like the guitar/piano overlay in 'Notion' or the noisy exit of 'Cold Desert.' But these are tiny specks in an otherwise lame whole. It's kinda like Blues Traveler done by younger dudes." -

"While the album is one of the finest releases of the year, and will let the Southern rockers continue indulging in their new-found status, there aren't enough typically garage rock tracks as one has come to expect. A listen to '17' will leave a listener satisfied yet craving more, which is unfortunately a running theme." - Thom Morganb