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Exclusive Album Stream: Vasa - Colours

Bonkers Glasgow-based instrumental rock four-piece stream their eagerly awaited debut album a week before official release exclusively with The Independent. 

A new memoir showcases Ringo Starr's photos of The Beatles

They were the most photographed band in the world, but even at the height of the Beatles' fame, no one trained a lens on them more enthusiastically than Ringo Starr. He talks to Craig McLean, and we publish a selection of his pictures of John, Paul, George and friends

Glen Hansard on finding fame in The Commitments and Once

When he left school to busk at 13, all Glen Hansard wanted was to make a living. By the time he was 30, his musical talent had brought him wealth and fame, depression and tragedy. Here, the Irish musician reveals how a rock'n'roll friendship got him back on an even keel - and what he did when family members came looking for cash...

The Top Ten: Covers better than the original

Josh Blacker was listening to Jimi Hendrix's 'All Along the Watchtower' and wondered about a list. I could have done Bob Dylan covers alone. (Medical Hulk nominated any cover of anything written and sung by Dylan or Leonard Cohen.) This was one of the most popular recent Top 10s…

My first psychobilly gig at The Klub Foot

The combination of rockabilly and punk was all that mattered to a teenaged Lois Pryce. It was a genre defined by swearing, sneering and potentially fatal dance moves – so she couldn't believe her luck when her mother allowed her to go to her first gig