The Corrs weren't cool - but neither was I

Among the grungy melancholy of the Nineties, 'sweet little Irish band' The Corrs made some of the best-selling albums of the decade. As they make a comeback, Siobhan Norton recalls growing up in Cork with their irresistibly uncool sound

David Bowie, the lodger from Mars

Hours after meeting a penniless young man from Bromley, Mary Finnigan invited him to stay. In this extract from her new memoir, she conjures a heady time in the late 1960s when a terrestrial phenomenon on the brink of stardom moved into her home and, briefly, her bed

Is the three-minute pop song over?

Pop professor Mike Errico asked in The Independent whether, in the age of streaming and Spotify, the three-minute song had had its day. Musician Mark Christopher Lee decided to test his theory out by making an album of 100 short, sharp tracks