Glastonbury 2015: Arcadia's giant metal spider brings a touch of Mad Max to Somerset

Fatboy Slim, Disclosure and Skrillex have graced Arcadia's decks

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About 20 minutes into Arcadia’s live show, they bring out the flame throwers. A pneumatic blast, a flash of heat and plumes of fire 50ft high shoot from a gigantic metal spider that rears over the crowd.

If you, like I, have a sneaking suspicion that the last night on earth would be the best party you ever attend, you could do worse than test that theory at Arcadia. Constructed from recycled military hardware, the 50ft spider is like something out of Mad Max.

In the body of the beast, suspended over the ground between four legs, is a DJ booth. Since Arcadia first landed at Glastonbury in 2007, Fatboy Slim, Disclosure and Skrillex have graced its decks. This year, Annie Mac, Skream and Groove Armada are taking a turn. Partygoers have the unique experience of being able to dance directly under the DJ. On separate platforms dotted through the crowd, dancers standing on tesla coils shoot purple lightning bolts from their hands.

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From 11pm to 11.30pm each night, the DJs stop to make way for a highly complex live show. This year, it includes three new baby spiders which pluck dancers from the crowd’s midst, raise them up and cocoon them in fabric sheaths.

This, says Cyrus Bozorgmehr, one of the team responsible for creating Arcadia, represents the theme of transformation which is a key idea behind the group’s ethos.

As the bass thuds through the night, I wonder if the world outside Worthy Farm has ended and we just didn’t get the memo.