Glastonbury 2015 drivers' guide: How to get there, bad traffic roads to avoid, car park map and advice for the leaving chaos

Travelling to Glastonbury by car is worth the effort but can be a nightmare

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Driving to Glastonbury means you'll have somewhere warm and cosy to store your belongings and quite possibly yourself if torrential rain drowns your tent.

However, while those who opt to lug their rucksacks there on the train may face a more tiring journey, bad traffic and issues leaving the festival can make you wish you'd jumped on board the choo choo too.

Here's our brief guide to making travelling to Glastonbury by car hassle-free:

How do I get there?

There will be festival signs on the roads as you approach the site so don't panic when your satnav starts getting confused.

If you're coming from London take the M3 - A303 - A37 route and tap TA11 7DP into your satnav. From the North East it's the A1 or M1 - M25 to M3 (Junction 12) - A303 - A37 and from the Midlands it's M40 - A34 - A303 - A37.

From the North West you'll want to type BA6 9XE into your satnav instead. Take the M6 - M5 to A39 (Junction 23) - A361.

Approach the site on the side you want to park via main roads as local roads will be jammed.

Which roads should I avoid?

It may be hard to steer clear of some of the key routes but the A37, A39, A303 and M5 will likely be chock-a-block.


When is the best time to arrive?

Do not aim to get there between 10am and 2pm on Wednesday unless you want to be stuck in your car for hours. Any other time it's all a bit of a gamble so go for it.

What about the car parking situation?

The Glastonbury website has published a map showing the designated car parking spots (below, but click here for a bigger version). Parking on the east side of the site is recommended if you want the shortest queues.

(Pic: Glastonbury)

If you missed out on buying a car park ticket online, you can grab one on the gate for £35 per car. You can only pay by cash so be sure to have enough on you.

Follow the 'P' signs to find the nearest parking spaces and let the parking staff guide you to a slot - there's no point arguing over where you want to park as the process is organised to keep the traffic moving and limit stress for everyone. It all comes down to luck.

Remember to note down where you leave your car on one of the AA cards provided - the car park number should be on a nearby flag.


What happens on Monday morning?

If you leave by car between 8am and 5pm then prepare to have your patience tested. We mean really tested. Delays-of-up-to-nine-hours-just-to-leave-the-car-parks tested. It is 100 per cent worth leaving between 1am and 7am the night before - providing you are sober and not too tired of course.

Glastonbury isn't as popular as it is for no reason but it can easily turn into a logistical nightmare so is worth being practical about. Good luck!