Glastonbury 2015: Friday live blog – Florence + The Machine smashes the Pyramid Stage after Libertines prove they still have it

The most exciting week of the year in Somerset is here again – not going? Experience all the best bits with our live blog

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The dairy herd has been moved out of the way, Michael Eavis has trimmed his beard and the sodden Somerset soil is bracing itself for 175,000 people in wellies to trample it into a chocolate milkshake mush. Glastonbury week has arrived!!!

The latest:

- Florence and the Machine really puts on a show
- The Libertines prove they still have it in surprise performance.
- Mud to set in overnight as rain begins to pour down.
- Bets are already being taken for how long Kanye West's on stage rant will be on Saturday night.

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The Independent’s reporters and critics will be bringing you the armchair Glastonbury experience throughout this week, plus the best pictures of sodden, miserable and muddy festival-goers to make you glad to be watching it on the telly (and avoiding the cups of wee being hurled around).

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