Glastonbury 2015: No rain for most of the festival, but remember to bring your wellies

The weather will stay mostly dry this year, but some rain earlier in the week could leave things a bit damp

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Festival-goers at Glastonbury will avoid a mud bath at this year's festival, although spells of wet weather early next week mean they'd do well to remember to bring their wellies.

The festival spans five days, from Wednesday 24 June to Sunday 28, and it's likely to stay dry for most of it.

According to Weather Network forecasts, it's going to be warm for most of the festival, with temperatures reaching a balmy 21 degrees on the Thursday.

Things may get a little damper on the Friday, however. There's a 40 per cent chance of rain, and the temperature looks likely to peak at 17 degrees, so make sure you don't leave your raincoat in the tent.

The weather will mostly be fine at this year's festival, but some wet weather early next week could leave things a little damp.

All in all, the weather's going to be fine, but spots of rain here and there could put a dampener on things.

Although it's a treasured tradition, there's probably not going to be submerged tents and people paddling around in canoes at this year's festival.

However, a rainy day on the Monday before the festival could leave things a little wet.


There's going to be fairly heavy rain on Monday at Glastonbury, and while it shouldn't affect anyone but a few wet roadies, the festival site could still be damp by the time revellers start arriving on Tuesday night and Wednesday morning.

Around 175,000 people will attend this year's festival, and with that many people trudging through a campsite carrying heavy tents and bottles of booze, things could get a little muddy.

But then again, it wouldn't be Glastonbury without a bit of mud, so make sure to bring your wellies and embrace it.