Top seven moments from Glastonbury Festival

We take a walk down memory lane and remember some of our favourite moments from Glastonbury Festival.

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The 33rd edition of Glastonbury has nearly arrived and before we all have an opinion on Kanye West’s performance; let's remind ourselves of the moments that make Glastonbury so special.

The Smiths (1984)

Three decades ago, Glastonbury was the alternative music festival and so the decision to make the hugely popular band,The Smiths, headliners was met with anger.

But, as soon as the Manchester outfit started playing, the crowd loved it. Glastonbury organiser, Michael Eavis describes the set as completely changing the festival.

Orbital (1994)

In the early nineties, mainstream opinion of dance music had always been clouded by concerns over rave and drug culture.

But, in 1994, Orbital’s televised set on Channel 4 completely changed the game; pushing dance music into the mainstream.

Radiohead (1997)

When compiling a list of greatest moments from Glastonbury, it would be blasphemous to not mention this performance.

A month after releasing their iconic third album, OK Computer, Radiohead blew Glastonbury away in a headlining slot regarded as one of the best ever.

David Bowie (2000)

Bowie headlined Glastonbury in 2000, 29 years since his first performance at the festival.

He returned to a thunderous reception. Afterwards, Michael Eavis labelled it the best Glastonbury yet.

Jay Z (2008)

It is widely considered as Michael Eavis’ most controversial decision: hip-hop as the Saturday headline act.

Noel Gallagher was the most vocal critic but ultimately Jay Z came out on top. A solid set; but it will be remembered for the furore Eavis’ decision caused.

Blur (2009)

It was a celebration of Britpop. 11 years after their first appearance at Glastonbury, the London band took the crowd on a journey from the upbeat anthems like Advert and Song 2 to the emotional To the End and The Universal.

The set is considered one of the greatest in Glastonbury’s history.

The Rolling Stones (2013)

Music festivals are all about rock and roll and the Stones headline show embraced that spirit.

Despite an average age of nearly 70, the quartet rolled back the years and put on a show that is equal to their standing as one of the best bands of all time.

What are your favourite moments from Glastonbury? Let us know in the comments below.