Lone police officer tries to fend off crowd storming perimeter fence at Wireless Festival

Sticks and debris were thrown during the incident

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Footage has emerged of a people trying to gatecrash Wireless Festival as a single police officer holds off the crowd.

The video, taken at around 6pm on Saturday while rapper Childish Gambino was playing, shows a Met police officer rushing into the crowd as they attempt to break through the wall around the event.

The officer pushes his way to the centre of the throng just before the temporary wall is breached. He takes out a baton to disperse the crowd, some of whom become disorderly and aggressive towards the policeman.

As sticks and debris are thrown, a young man in a blue tracksuit is seen shouting at the policeman before another man pulls him away. Someone from the back of the mass throws a plastic bottle as a ShowSec security guard steps in to assist the police officer.

The footage then cuts to another incident where a smaller crowd tries to force their way past a group of security guards. The police officer again intervenes. Holding a baton, he attempts to move back the people attempting to gatecrash.

A man in a blue tank top and shorts can be seen approaching security guards as they push him off. He reaches into his pocket before being pulled aside by another man and then security.

wireless-police.jpgSergeant Richard Berns for Hackney tweeted that "Just by being there, this officer likely prevented a GBH. Putting the safety of others before his own. #courage".

Another video released online shows dozens of successful gatecrashers breaking into the first day of the festival in Finsbury Park. It was called an "isolated incident" by festival organisers who confirmed that no-one was hurt.

The latest video has raised questions about whether the police presence at the event was enough.

"Organisers of Wireless Festival take security very seriously and work closely with ShowSec Security, local police and other agencies to put procedures in place to ensure the event maintains an enjoyable and secure environment for all its customers", A spokesperson for the festival said.

They said that the few incidents were dealt with quickly, without any injuries and that gatecrashers were removed.