You can now get a private jet to Glastonbury for £600

Arrive in style, wallow in mud

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Given that trains are expensive and motorway traffic is generally pain, why not consider completely clearing yourself out and just taking a private jet to Glastonbury?

Addison Lee is offering loyal customers the opportunity to fly from London to Worthy Farm in just 90 minutes.

Given the absurd opulence of this (jets have leather interiors with personal screens, DVD players and large baggage capacity), it's quite surprising that the private flight will cost just £612.50 per person, about the same amount you're going to spend on Strongbow and wet wipes.

Addison Lee is also running 6-seater Ford Galaxys with phone chargers and Wi-Fi to the festival, discounted by £100 (when you type in the promo code GLASTONLEE100) and working out at £46 per head (£280 for the car) if you're travelling from London.

"With some 175,000 people expected to descend upon Glastonbury this year, we are delighted to offer Londoners the chance to travel to the festival VIP-style with the Glaston-Lee service," Peter Boucher, Chief Commercial Officer at Addison Lee, commented.

Personally I will be zorbing the entire way there. See ya, suckers.