Glastonbury 2014: Didn't get a ticket? Here are some pictures to make you feel better

Green with envy as thousands of people have the time of their lives at Glastonbury? These pictures will cheer you up...

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Sitting on the sofa for four hours without a toilet break, clad with two laptops, a Blackberry and a home phone no further than 2ins away is a sorry – but necessary – state of affairs for Glastonbury ticket buyers across the land eight months before the festival kicks off.

For many, however, the dream of frolicking around the Stone Circle at 6am, in a state of pure joy wearing nothing but a floral headdress, suddenly bursts. Instead, those four hours were totally in vain as the tickets sell out – and your name’s not on the list.

Still bitter about not getting through to the transaction page and of friends boasting that they knew someone with a special URL?

Here are some absolutely miserable photos of the festival so far this year to make you feel a little better about yourself.

For those braving the rain at the festival, lightening and torrential rain has been forecast for the rest of the weekend. It is expected to be the wettest since 2007.

Guilty of schadenfreude? Us?