Glastonbury 2014: Metallica’s Lars Ulrich, Noel Gallagher and Bradley Cooper form unholy trinity backstage

The three mercifully stopped short of shooting a full selfie - but did include some cringeworthy horn throwing

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We’re desperately hoping this isn’t a new super group. Or if it is, that Bradley Cooper takes over on the drums (just kidding, Lars).

Metallica’s Lars Ulrich and The Hangover star formed an unlikely sandwich with a Noel Gallagher filing as they posed together for a backstage shot.

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The image, posted and taken by the Oasis musician’s girlfriend Sara Macdonald on her Instagram account, mercifully stopped short of veering into selfie territory but did include some cringeworthy horn throwing.

It’s existence comes as Metallica megafan Cooper was spotted head banging appreciatively throughout the metal band’s controversial headlining set on the Pyramid Stage on Saturday.

A long-time friend of the band, Cooper apparently hitched a lift to Worthy Farm in a helicopter to hang out with the metal legends backstage.


“He actually flies and comes and sees us play if he’s got a day off,” Ulrich told the Huffington Post UK in 2013.

“Like, 'where are you playing a gig?' And he'll jump on a plane and bring his lady and hang out.”

Organisers at Glastonbury were widely criticised for including Metallica as the festival’s headline act. But the band had the last laugh when they trolled the entire event by way of their merchandise.

They rebranded themselves ‘Glastallica’ and sold T-shirts with acerbic comments made about them in the press and on Twitter in a move that echoed their programme for the Black Album Tour in 2012.

The white top has on the front of it the Metallica skull – this time wearing wellies and a 70s peace-sign necklace – above the words “Peace, Love & Metal.”

The back of the T-shirt has some of the remarks said publicly about the band including “Metallica, they’re just shite,” “Metallica aren’t in the spirit of peace-loving Glastonbury” and “Metallica at Glastonbury – Whoopee fucking doo.”

The band had threatened to open their headlining set with Oasis classic "Wonderwall"  - a sly dig at the band's mainstream mundaneness, perhaps. Not that Gallagher appears to have noticed. He was too busy reliving his misspent youth and rocking out to "Enter Sandman".