Madonna's matador outfit sends Twitter wild at the Grammys

The best reactions to the Queen of Pop's Givenchy outfit

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"What are you looking at?" Madonna asked her fans in her hit track, "Vogue."

Fast forward 25 years and the answer to that never-ending question was, "Madonna dressed as a matador."



Ever the diva, ever the maverick and ever so slightly over the top, the American singer waltzed into this year's Grammy Awards in a Givenchy 21st century-take of a Spanish bullfighter, although it is safe to say Madonna's version would not allow for much protection from the horns of any charging mammal.

Madonna knows how to make an impact at the Grammys and this year's look was no different. The matador look was made by Riccardo Tisci for Givenchy, with a very tight leather corset, thigh high boots and a net hat, creating a character straight out of Madge's very own "La Isla Bullfighta."


The hat was reminiscent of a similar fascinator that Madonna wore in the 1994 video for "Take A Bow," though the idea that the Queen of Pop, net worth around $800 million, would ever recycle an outfit is a rather outlandish thought.

Of course, with the 56-year-old singer unafraid to show off her figure and dare to be different, Twitter had a lot to say about Madonna living in a matador world, particularly when she seemed to flash a certain part of the body which rarely sees a ray of light:

Whatever the reaction, Madge will always have the last laugh.