Hot iPhone apps selection: apps for guitar lovers

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This week's selection of iPhone apps will have you jamming alongside your favorite musicians while learning new songs and brushing up on your skills.

Guitar Hero
This addictive guitar game lets you jam alongside your favorite musicians, customize your own avatars, share your top scores on Facebook, and strum, tap and slide your fingers to musical glory. The game comes with six songs and additional game tracks can be downloaded within the app.
Price: $2.99

Ultimate Guitar Tabs
Ultimate Guitar Tabs gives musicians unlimited access to the world's largest database of tablatures and cords. The tab search engine lets guitar players browse through the more than 30,000 popular songs, and lists the tabs needed to learn or practice their favorite songs on their instrument.
Price: $2.99

Guitar Machine

Tune your strings, keep in time and look up guitar chords with this steampunked virtual guitar assistant. The app teams a beautiful user interface with an easy-to-use and versatile string tuner, a built-in metronome, reverse chord name look-up and a full-featured chord dictionary.  
Price: $0.99

Guitar World Lick of the Day
Guitar World Lick of the Day is an instructional app that will help you improve your guitar playing skills. The app features instructional videos with celebrities and world-renowned teachers, tabs, traditional musical notation, a dynamic fretboard for finger positioning that you can follow along with and performance notes.
Price: free


PocketGuitar turns your iPhone into a playable guitar so you can practice your fingering while you are on the go. With several different guitar sounds and built-in effects like Distortion, Chorus and Delay you can customize your sound and impress your friends.
Price: $0.99