International top tracks on Christina Aguilera’s “Woohoo” rises in popularity

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Lady Gaga has the five most popular tracks for the second week running on, the internet radio station that lets users in more than 200 countries listen to music in the site's library. "Bad Romance," "Telephone," and "Poker Face" top the chart released June 7, which also included tracks by MGMT, Ke$ha, The xx, and Muse.

With the exception of "Alejandro," all of the week's top singles are long-standing favorites, some of them returning to the top ten after having been temporarily bumped by new tracks from indie band The National.

The most hyped track of the week is Christina Aguilera's "Woohoo," featuring Licky Minaj, off new album Bionic. Another act seeing a recent surge in its listeners base is Australian rock.drum and bass group Pendulum, whose album Immersion dropped in late May, "Set Me On Fire" and "Salt in the Wounds" from that album are both among the five most hyped tracks of the week.'s top tracks from May 30 to June 7:

1. Lady Gaga - "Bad Romance" (+1) (38,153 listeners)
2. Lady Gaga - "Telephone" (feat. Beyoncé) (-1) (36,670 listeners)
3. Lady Gaga - "Poker Face" (27,938 listeners)
4. Lady Gaga - "Alejandro" (27,444 listeners)
5. Lady Gaga - "Paparazzi" (25,403 listeners)
6. MGMT - "Kids" (+2) (24,189 listeners)
7. Ke$ha - "TiK ToK" (-1) (24,107 listeners)
8. The xx - "Crystalised" (-1) (23,696 listeners)
9. Muse - "Uprising" (+5) (21,546 listeners)
10. The xx - "Islands" (+3) (21,303 listeners) claims more than 40 million active users based in more than 200 countries. Available in 12 languages, the site's radio service is free for users in the UK, the US, and Germany; elsewhere, a subscription costs €3.00 per month.'s charts measure everything its users listen to through the website as well as hundreds of other music sites and services, including iTunes, Spotify, and The Hype Machine.